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Meet Harriet Linder

My interest in complementary health began more than fifteen years ago when I had my first hot flash – could I be going into menopause?! Yikes! One or two hot flashes didn’t bother me but when I began to experience joint pain and swelling in my hands, I knew this was something different. What was it?

My medical doctor’s response to my condition was simple – he had joint pain, too! He told me I had some arthritis and there was “nothing to do about it” except to take medication for the pain. I went for Sedimentation and other testing by rheumatologists and other specialists. Rheumatoid arthritis was ruled out but I still did not have an answer to my painful, debilitating and frustrating health issue.

How I found renewed health

Dissatisfied and frustrated, I researched causes and remedies for joint inflammation. This led me to an alternative health care practitioner who taught me how to reduce the swelling, inflammation and bone spurs, that were forming on my fingers, without medication!

He showed me how he assessed the status of my health by taking a small drop of blood and using a microscope, a camera and a TV monitor. I was amazed by the fascinating new world of alternative and complementary health that had previously been unknown to me.

By following his dietary and lifestyle recommendations, I began to manage and decrease my progressive joint issues.

Over time, I noticed major reductions in inflammation as my joints improved. It still amazes me that a small drop of blood was able to show me imbalances and potential issues in my body before they became real problems. This allowed me to address them very quickly!

Not only do I now know how to control the inflammation that was causing me so much distress, in the process of making the changes that I did, I also:

  • lost 25 pounds
  • strengthened my immune system
  • vastly improved my digestion
  • no longer suffer from sinus congestion and chronic headaches
  • eliminated chronic brain fog and fatigue
  • have more energy than I did when I was in my twenties!

You, too, can achieve optimum health

My mission is to educate my clients how to achieve better health, vitality and resiliency through nutrition and lifestyle changes so they can look and feel their best.

I understand your frustration because I have been there. I found the answer to my own health issues and I will help YOU find the answers to yours!

My Practice

My practice includes a set of services specifically designed to provide an assessment of your current state of acid/alkaline balance as well as other factors that can be addressed to achieve better wellness. Using a high powered microscope and a video monitor, together we will view and interpret the state of activity from a drop of blood.

 From this assessment I will develop a custom plan that will guide you through the simple steps to realize noticeable improvements.

My services include:

  • Biological Flow Audit
  • Live and Dry Blood Reading
  • Acid/Alkaline Assessment
  • Natural Health Coaching & Education
  • Ability to Track Changes and See Improvements over Time

I invite you to schedule a FREE consultation with me

During this session, we will discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals. Contact me today to learn how you, too, can have more energy and experience better living wellness.