People Who Have Worked With Harriet Say…

“Thank you again, Harriet, for all you did to help me.” — M.M.

“I had to change my diet quite dramatically, but am finally getting the nutrition my body needs.”— C.H.

“Harriet is so thorough, testing for things I have never thought of. Her recommendations are invaluable. She exceeds my expectations and working with her has improved my knowledge of how to take better care of myself. She has improved my life.” — S.B.J.

“I worked with Harriet Linder to have a nutritional blood analysis completed so that I could better understand what was taking place in my body.  I wanted to feel more vibrant and be healthier and I knew that Harriet was the person who could find out and educate me on how to do that. With her patience and gentleness, she was able to analyze some concerns that could easily be addressed with lifestyle changes and making healthier choices. I am so appreciative of her skill and her willingness to care for others in a way that increases resilience. Harriet is my go-to problem-solver for a healthier lifestyle.” —  E.H.

“I could not believe what I saw in my blood. All the cells were sticking together. No wonder I’ve been so exhausted. Harriet started me on a healthy food regimen of adding more greens and avoiding carbs, drinking more water and taking probiotics. I have smoothies in the morning and am following her other meal suggestions. I’m getting a lot of ‘gunk’ out, getting my energy back and the puffiness under my eyes is gone.” – E.R

“I went to see Harriet because I was curious about the live and dry blood assessment she does. I had never heard of it before. When I saw the drop of blood on the video screen, I was fascinated and shocked at the same time. I didn’t know how much I could learn from a drop of blood! I’ve been vegetarian for many years, am 60 years old and had bad arthritis in my spine. Harriet is helping me return to balance so the arthritis and inflammation are much less. I don’t wake up with pain anymore and feel great.” – C.E.

“I needed help losing 50 pounds. My hormones were screaming. I was moody and tired all the time. Harriet helped me by giving me some great foods to substitute for what I was eating. My energy is great and the pounds are melting away! Thank you Harriet!” – M.O.

“I’ve had problems with my stomach for as long as I can remember…Harriet helped me by recommending that I eliminate wheat from my diet and adding probiotics. She is calm and explains everything. Her handouts help a lot, too. What a difference! No more gas or bloating.” — J.G.

I am very happy I began working with Harriet. I don’t want to have the health issues my parents had. My digestive problems are so much better and I’m not as tired anymore. Harriet encourages me to follow a plan and helps me stay on track. So far I’ve lost 18 pounds!. — S.M. age 35

I have been seeing Harriet for a couple of months. With Harriet’s coaching and the changes I’ve made, I have more energy and I’m sleeping so much better. My hair has stopped falling out and my hairdresser says I have the healthiest scalp she’s ever seen! Thank you, Harriet. — Steph, age 55

Harriet made me aware of how I need to change what I eat. I’m drinking more water now. The pain in my side is gone and I’m walking so much better! My husband is following the new plan, too. Thank you, Harriet. — Bernadette

I had a fantastic session with Harriet Linder on Friday! I can’t believe how much information Harriet can get from a single drop of blood. I agree with all of her assessments and she gave me some supplements that I’m sure will help me. There is nothing like seeing visual proof of what’s going on inside the body – much different than seeing impersonal numbers on a lab report! I would highly recommend seeing Harriet for the dried and live blood testing. — Linda

The other week I had the pleasure of visiting Harriet Linder. She is a Certified Natural Health Professional, Personal Trainer, and wellness and fitness expert. She did live and dry readings of my blood! This was definitely something new for me and she was able to tell me some interesting stuff about my health from what she saw and made suggestions for how to be even healthier. Pretty cool stuff. — Christine G.

I was referred by my sister and came to have a health intake with Harriet. My joint pain is improved and, with Harriet’s diet and supplement recommendations, the psoriasis is disappearing. Making the changes is a challenge but I like the results. I am feeling and looking so much better. I see the difference in my skin! — Maureen, age 68

I was amazed at what I found out during one health coaching session with Harriet. I had always wondered if I had parasites, hormone imbalance, etc. With her testing, Harriet pointed out and confirmed the issues that had been plaguing me. I am on my way to better living and have Harriet to thank for that! — Chau B., age 49

I have been experiencing regular hot flashes for the past 15 years. During a visit to Harriet’s office she recommended a plant-based bio-identical progesterone cream to be applied daily. What did I have to lose? After applying it diligently for two weeks I suddenly noticed that I had stopped having flashes during the day. It feels wonderful! Thank you, Harriet! — Judy K., age 64

I went to see Harriet in her Edison office for a health coaching session, including a live and dried blood reading.  The time spent was very valuable and insightful. I would definitely recommend Harriet’s coaching  for others. — Lorinda W.    

Your evaluation was right on point.I’ll follow your recommendations and be back to see you again next month. — Anne Z.

Since making the changes Harriet recommended, I rarely have any heartburn symptoms, no feeling of choking and no coughing. I’m less sleepy, have a lot more energy, and all this after just one visit! — Charlotte M., age 55

Come to Harriet’s in-home office. I go to the doctor on a regular basis to get my blood work done but  never do I get to actually see for myself what my own blood looks like under microscope! Harriet thoroughly and clearly explains what she sees on the screen. Based on that, she determines your needs and makes recommendations to help you feel better. Her “lab” is precise and immaculate. Everyone can benefit from Harriet’s direct approach to healing.” — Michele M.

Harriet is knowledgeable and professional. Working with her is easy and stress-free. After looking at my blood Harriet recommended simple solutions to correct what was going on. I followed her suggestions and had amazing results. My hormones are now balanced and my hair has started to grow back. I would highly recommend Harriet for your health solutions! — Sandy T., age 53

I have so much more energy and I’m much happier…I feel like getting dressed in the morning and no longer have to take naps in the afternoon. — Mary D age 73

Since I’ve been seeing Harriet, my gums have stopped bleeding…. — Ruth R., age 52

Since I’ve been seeing Harriet, I’ve changed the way I eat. As a result, I feel better and lost 25 pounds.  With Harriet’s help I passed my gallstones without surgery. My chronic constipation subsided almost immediately. With the nutritional help I received from Harriet I have also experienced remarkable improvement in my endometriosis symptoms. I could not get up in the morning. Last weekend, I helped my husband put a fence up around our property. — Charlene H., age 40

I came home from vacation with the wrong kind of souvenir.  After suffering with diahrrea for several weeks I visited Harriet.  With her help and the correct supplements, it was gone within 24 hours. —Taye, age 61

I felt so much better after one visit with Harriet. I had more energy and was able to work, come home and take care of my kids with ease. — Julissa C., age 39

I have been seeing Harriet and following her guidance for six months. I have had tremors in my hands for most of my life and believed they ran in my family. One sister has them and another does not but my mother had them. Since I have been seeing Harriet and following her guidance, the tremors in my hands have significantly decreased from and 8 out of 10 to a 3 out of 10. The pain and stiffness in my hip and knee joints are virtually gone to the point that I can now cross my legs with ease and without thinking about it. My cardiologist has taken me off Digoxin. My hair is growing in fuller and faster. I watch my diet, take the supplements Harriet suggests and I always leave Harriet’s office feeling better and better! — Mary D., age 74

I no longer have to nap in my car on lunch break — Ann

You are meant to be healthy and live your life with energy and joy. I can’t wait to help guide you on your journey to improved health, vitality and fun!

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